Avian Flu (namı Diğer Kuş Gribi)

Mustafa Aydın

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11 Haziran 2015
Avian Flu Symptoms in Humans

Range from fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches; to diarrhea, eye infections, pneumonia and severe respiratory diseases. The symptoms of avian influenza may depend on which virus caused the infection but are often similar to those associated with human seasonal influenza.

How Humans Are Infected
  • Contact with sick poultry or surfaces soiled with discharges from their mouths or beaks, or with feces.
  • Inhaling contaminated particles from poultry.

Some prescription antiviral drugs may be effective.

General Precautions
  • Wash hands thoroughly and frequently, for 15-20 seconds, preferably with soap and water.
  • Avoid contact with possibly infected poultry.
  • Avoid consuming uncooked or undercooked poultry or poultry products.
Precautions When Exposed
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE):
    • Disposable gloves or gloves that can be disinfected;
    • Protective clothing (long-sleeved coveralls with a water-proof apron);
    • Disposable shoe covers or those that can be disinfected;
    • Safety goggles; and
    • Wear at least the minimum level of respiratory protection, N95 or higher respirator.
  • Employees should remove all PPE at work to avoid taking contaminated items home.
Additional Guidance
  • Get the seasonal flu vaccine.
  • If you develop flu-like symptoms, stay at home except to get medical attention.


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