Guide To Safety In The Civil Construction Industry

Fatih Özcan

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30 Mart 2014
Sembol Construction
This guide is intended to provide useful information for health and safety procedures in the civil construction industry. Civil construction includes, but is not limited to:
The Guide supports the provisions under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 and the Workplace Health and Regulations 1995 and 1997. Where a person is required to do something under these instruments this is indicated by the use of the word ‘must’ in the Guide.

construction of a road or highway or to erect associated works;
construction or erection of a water supply system or associated works;
construction of a sewerage or drainage system or associated works;
The Guide is intended to provide relevant information to employers, self-employed persons and workers involved in civil construction work to assist them:
construction or erection of an electricity or gas transmission or distribution structure or associated works;
meet their obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 and its Regulations; and
erection of a telecommunications structure or associated works; and
construction or structural alteration of a bridge or associated works.

The guide will assist principal contractors, contractors, owner/operators, employers and subcontractors to meet their workplace health and safety obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, the Workplace Health and Safety (Miscellaneous) Regulation 1995 and the Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 1997. This guide was prepared with reference to these instruments and should be read in conjunction with them as well as associated Advisory Standards, Australian Standards and Manuals listed in Appendix 1.

prevent or minimise exposure to risks from civil construction activities by using a process of hazard identification, risk assessment, risk control and review.
It does this by:
identifying common hazards and risks that arise in the civil construction industry; and
providing practical advice on how to manage those risks.


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